The City of Storm Lake would like to notify residents that we will be closing Sunrise Park Road on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 beginning around 8:00AM and continuing through 3:00PM that same day.  The closure will allow city staff to safely move dredge pipe across the road for the end of the season. 
The road will be closed for the entire time that crews are working on the movement of dredge pipe from the water to the winter storage area.  The area will be marked as closed to thru traffic at Ash Street in Lakeside and the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course.
 Individuals using this route should be aware of the closure and use an alternative route during the closure period.  The City apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciates the cooperation of the community.

The City of Storm Lake would like to keep residents, especially those concerned about the closure of railroad crossings within the City of Storm Lake up to date on the timeline of the process moving forward.  The City Council will discuss items related to the closings during the following public open meeting sessions:
 November 3rd – Regular City Council Meeting (5:00PM) – The Council will hold a public hearing on the potential lease of land to the railroad.
 November 17th – Regular City Council Meeting (5:00PM) – The Council will hold a Study Session on the closing of four railroad crossings (NO decisions/vote will take place at this meeting – just discussion)
 Following the Study Session on the 17th the Council could provide direction to staff to work with the railroad on an alternative package of closures, move forward with the proposed plan as outlined, or make no direction.
Formal decisions in the form of votes are not anticipated until the December 1st Regular Council Meeting at the earliest but could be as late as mid-December or January depending on the direction the City Council would like to go.