SPOTTED IN ALTA: A brown and white Spaniel hunting dog. The dog is wearing a temporary orange hunting collar. The dog has been spotted running on Main Street in Alta.
FOUND:  White husky with blue eyes - un-neutered on Expansion Blvd in Storm Lake.  Please contact Lake Animal Hospital at 732-2033
FOUND:  Nice bicycle 3.5 miles East on Highway 10 outside of Laurens.  Please call 712-845-2424 to claim.  Must provide an accurate description.

A drinking water advisory issued Friday by the city of Odebolt has been lifted.  Officials say work on the water system has been completed, and the bacteria samples were satisfactory, containing no bacteria.  It is no longer necessary to boil water before use in Odebolt.

Alta Municpal Utilities will begin water main flushing the week of October 20th, weather permitting.  During flushing, residents may notice discolored water in homes.  If you notice this, please turn on a COLD water faucet and flush out your service lines.