Planning For Early Childhood Center Continues

Work continues on finding options for an Early Childhood facility in Storm Lake.

School superintendent Stacey Cole says the district continues working with DLR architects to come up with ideas and plans for a facility… which they will take to the public during an open house at the middle school next Thursday, and again on April second during the middle school and elementary family fun night.

Cole says they hope to have four plans to show the public. Board member Dave Skibsted said some changes in the original plan have come from the survey the district conducted. The plan rejected by voters in December was to be located on 90th Avenue, just north of West Milwaukee Avenue. The plan called for building in two phases at a cost of 29-million dollars. The survey showed dissatisfaction with both the cost and the location.

Board member Emilia Marroquin said the district is always thinking about what is best for the kids… and expressed confidence they will come up with a good plan.