Runoff From Manure Application Reaches Storm Lake

Wednesday afternoon, a complaint sent DNR staff to investigate a claim that manure runoff was reaching Storm Lake.

They traced runoff to manure application on fields at Don Jackson’s Pike Farms cattle feedlot, 930 630th Street, south of Storm Lake. Runoff from the surface-applied solid manure traveled about a half-mile into South Cove, about a quarter-mile east of South Cove Park. DNR staff found elevated ammonia levels near the shoreline, but were unable to determine if a fish kill occurred because of ice covering the lake.
Jackson said he had been land applying dry manure for three days, including during rainfall on Wednesday. He will quit land applying, stockpiling the manure until conditions improve. DNR will follow up and consider appropriate enforcement action.

With heavy rainfall and flooding, DNR field offices are responding to multiple calls for technical assistance—from cities and industries, and some livestock producers. Livestock producers should contact their local DNR field office to discuss options for manure-related issues.