NW Iowa Woman Rescued From Atop Car In Flood Waters

A motorist in northwest Iowa who was stranded by high water was saved from a potentially deadly situation.

A woman whose car had been swept off a gravel road by flood waters was rescued by Sheldon firefighters last night. Sheldon Assistant Fire Chief Brad Hindt says firefighters arrived on the scene about 9:30 PM to find the woman had taken refuge on top of her car after it had been swept off the gravel road, and carried about 150 yards into a field. Hindt says two firefighters donned wetsuits and taking a raft, entered the three-to-four foot deep fast moving water.

The pair reached the woman and after getting her into their raft, were pulled back to shore by other firefighters. Hindt says the woman was cold following her ordeal, but was otherwise uninjured.

(from Radio Iowa)