Iowa Rocks Talent Competitions

A competition for young musicians is on the way.

The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association has announced the dates for the Iowa Rocks Talent Competition.

Executive Director Cindy Stanbro says several events will be held across the state. “We have five different regional competitions happening across the state so, here in Okoboji, March 21st at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, 6:30 is the event. It’s a competition open to any youth 21 and under, and the goal is that we provide them opportunities for professional development and encourage them to participate in music outside of school.”

She notes that registration is open online. “Last year we expanded so that there’s individuals and groups, singing or instrumental. You can register on our website,, it’s all under the education tab, and you can register for the location that you want.”

(from KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake)