Mayor’s Committee Sets Park, Trail Goals

The Storm Lake Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Park, Trails, and Urban Forest has developed their priorities for the year.

Meeting Thursday evening, the committee agreed continuing work on the bike trail through Storm Lake will be a priority… along with assisting the Storm Lake High School ecology class project to install trash and recycling containers in city parks and beaches. Continued development of Russell Street park is also a goal.

Committee member Mary Beth Andrews said they also need to have a serious discussion about a dog park, which the committee has talked about for several years. She said they need to do some fact-finding… and determine if it’s feasible, or if it should be tabled for a few years. Andrews said it would be a big project, but a dog park is something the community really wants.

The committee also discussed problems with foliage on the north side of the lake. Goats were brought in last year to trim the plants, but city manager Keri Navratil noted the DNR asked for the goats to be removed due to fears they were eroding the lake bank. Committee members said by mid-summer, you can’t see the lake from many locations due to the overgrowth. Navratil said it’s difficult for the city to take care of all of it, as they only have two full-time park employees for about 400 acres of park property.