Rembrandt Drainage Problems Discussed

The Buena Vista County Supervisors continue discussing drainage problems in the Rembrandt area.

Supervisor chair Paul Merten says some residents of Rembrandt continue having basement flooding. County engineer Bret Wilkinson says a 16-inch tile was put in years ago to drain runoff in town, but a 12-inch tile was added, which took away capacity. He says the 16-inch tile is too small to begin with… and sizing of the tile is the major problem, as it just can’t get the water away adequately.

He says they haven’t found any blockages in the tile and didn’t find anywhere the water had stopped. Wilkinson says the true fix would be to run a second tile line for the city, but that would be very expensive.

Merten said the Supervisors, acting is drainage district trustees, would need a petition from the city of Rembrandt to have an inspection completed. That would be needed before any improvement can be made in a drainage district.