Bike Trail Work Continues

Work on the Storm Lake bike trail should begin this spring.

The city is planning to have the bike trail… which runs from Frank Starr Park to Lakeside… marked. The trail stretches for nearly five miles along the north shore of the lake, using the lake trail and city streets.

City manager Keri Navratil says the stencil of a bicycle will be painted on the streets, indicating a dedicated area where bikes can be ridden. Mayor Mike Porsch says it will indicate to motorists bicycles may be in the area. He says the work was planned for last fall, but was delayed due to construction, primarily at Methodist Manor on West Fourth Street. Navratil says in addition to marking West Fourth Street, there was a suggestion Fifth Street also be marked, but that was removed after considering the traffic count on Fifth.

Porsch says the city continues to plan for a trail along former railroad right-of-way from the high school area north to C-49, with the city putting some money aside for construction of the trail. Porsch suggested they also look into a bike trail around the little lake. He wasn’t sure if it would be feasible, and will need to be discussed with the DNR.