SL City Council Approves Engineering Contracts

Contracts with two engineering firms were approved this week by the Storm Lake City Council.

Assistant city manager David Derragon said in July, the city asked for proposals from engineering firms for water and wastewater services, and for general engineering services. After the proposals were reviewed, city staff recommended ISG Engineering of Storm Lake receive the contract for water and wastewater engineering, and Bolton and Menk of Spencer receive the contract for general engineering services. Derragon said the contracts would have an initial period of two years, with an optional three year extension.

Council member Tyson Rice questioned the recommendation for Bolton and Menk, citing a wide range of costs for services. He noted it’s a Minnesota based company with no location in Storm Lake.

Josh Pope, a project manager for Bolton and Menk, said the billing rates largely reflect the years of experience of the person doing the job. He noted they have explored having an office in Storm Lake. Derragon said the city staff felt the rates were reasonable… and they rated the firms on their qualifications, quality, and service.

The council approved the contracts… and also approved a contract with Bolton and Menk to handle a project to rehabilitate the Michigan Street parking lot, which is included in this year’s capital improvement plan.