Kindness Counts At Storm Lake Schools

Storm Lake schools are working on “Kindness Counts” this school year.

East Early Childhood principal Kellie Anderson says Kindness Counts is underway at East, along with the elementary and middle schools.

Anderson says it includes positive behavior intervention support to enhance academic and social behavior… “Here at the Early Childhood Center, we’ve developed some ways of being. We are really focusing on being safe, being respectful, and being responsible, and being kind. Monthly, we are meeting as an entire building and we are celebrating those ways of being.”

She says they’re encouraging families to participate… “We are sending home some here’s the buzz slips to families so they can tell us how their kids are being safe, kind, respectful, and responsible at home. And then in our main hallway, we have a bulletin board where kids and their families can display some of those ways that they’re being, that way not only here at school but at home. So it really just makes a nice connection for us.”

Anderson says at East they have an assembly every month that focuses on one of the Kindness Counts goals and skill areas.