Diaz Sentenced

A Storm Lake man… arrested in February in connection with an assault at El Mariachi Dance Club, which resulted in a night club employee getting injured… has been sentenced.

Twenty-one year-old Eduardo Diaz, the third, of Storm Lake was charged with assault causing serious injury, a class D felony…and disorderly conduct, a simple misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty to the assault charge and received a five-year suspended sentence. Diaz was placed on probation for three years… ordered to submit a d-n-a sample… and pay 612-dollars in court costs. A 750-dollar fine was suspended.

Diaz also pleaded guilty to third-offense domestic abuse assault, a class ‘D” felony. This charge was filed in January in connection with a domestic disturbance in which the victim was physically assaulted. He was given a five-year suspended sentenced, three years probation, and ordered to pay 330-dollars in court costs. A 750-dollar fine was suspended.