August DNR Water Summary Update

Drought conditions in Iowa changed thanks to the wettest August since 2007, according to the latest Water Summary Update from the DNR.

Iowa received 6.19 inches of rainfall in August, about two inches above the 30-year climatological average. Northern portions of the state received above normal rainfall, while southern portions received below normal rainfall in the first part of the month, then above average rainfall after that. Storm Lake received just over seven inches of rain in August.

As a result, shallow groundwater conditions improved dramatically in the last two weeks over south central and southeast Iowa. Streamflow conditions in much of the state remained in the above and much above normal condition.

Many areas have received more than 10 inches of rainfall, but slight drought conditions still exist in Keokuk County and portions of Van Buren, Henry and Des Moines counties. Meanwhile, parts of central, east central and northeast Iowa have dealt with flooding.