Cherokee Deputy Fired For Shooting Dog

A Cherokee County Deputy Sheriff was fired after allegedly shooting a dog then covering up the killing.

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, on August ninth a dog in Cleghorn attacked two other dogs, killing one of them. After numerous attempts to catch the dog with a dog catcher pole for two days, the dog was ordered to be shot as long as it was not in the city limits of Cleghorn, or at the property of 784 Highway Three, rural Cleghorn. Deputy Alec Wolf about an hour later sent an e-mail stating the dog was found outside Cleghorn, and he had shot the dog

On August 12th, a department supervisor received a complaint from the resident at the Highway Three location, saying the incident occurred in his yard, and the dog was shot ten times.It was reported the deputy tried to clean up the scene by picking up the brass and wiping up the blood and entering an outbuilding. A supervisor received two photos of the incident.

The decision was made to place the deputy on immediate paid administrative leave until the investigation was complete. This Tuesday, video of the incident was posted to Facebook, and the department’s internal investigation was completed… with deputy Wolf immediately terminated.