More Zebra Mussels Found In Northwest Iowa

Zebra mussels have now been confirmed in Center Lake in Dickinson County.

DNR fisheries biologist Mike Hawkins says the discovery was made in some samples taken from the lake in August. Hawkins says they turned up on some sampling plates put out under some navigational buoys. He says crews found about 20 juvenile zebra mussels on the plates in a couple of locations on Center Lake.

Zebra mussels were recently discovered in Storm Lake.  Young zebra mussels were found in an August water sample, and further investigation discovered juvenile and adult zebra mussels in several locations around Storm Lake. DNR staff will conduct additional monitoring at Storm Lake this fall and next summer to determine the abundance and distribution of zebra mussels.

Hawkins reminds boaters and lakeshore property owners that it’s illegal to transport zebra mussels, and that the necessary measures need to be taken. Only two lakes in the Iowa Great Lakes chain, Loon Lake and Clear Lake, both in Jackson County, Minnesota, have yet to have confirmed infestations of zebra mussels.

(from KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake)