Preliminary Report On Doon Crude Oil Spill

The National Transportation Safety Board has released it’s preliminary report into the June 22nd derailment of a BNSF train near Doon that spilled 230-thousand gallons of crude oil.

Investigators say the train was traveling at about 48 miles an hour on tracks designed for 49 miles per hour speeds when the incident occurred. Ten tank cars were breached. Five to seven inches of rain had fallen in that area during the 48 hours before the derailment, washing out track and flooding a tributary of the Little Rock River and farm fields adjacent to the site of the derailment.

The NTSB says the train originated from Alberta, Canada and was destined for a refinery in Houston, Texas. The report says the material that was released was identified as a heavy crude oil with a diluent mixture.

The agency says the investigation is continuing, adding investigators are now examining parts removed from one of that tank cars.

(from KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake)