SLPD: Reminder On Texting & Driving

With recent news regarding the amount of citations issued in Iowa this past year for texting while driving, the Storm Lake Police Department reminds citizens of the newly updated law as of last summer.

In Iowa, drivers over age 18 still will be able to use hand-held devices to make phone calls or check GPS directions. But now adults can be pulled over by police and face a 100-dollar fine for using devices to write, send or view an electronic message. The rules for those under age 18 haven’t changed… those teens can’t even use a mobile device for calls or anything else while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports about 11 people are killed daily and more than one-thousand people are injured in crashes reported to include a distracted driver.

There are several tools to help avoid texting while driving, such as putting your phone in a cell slip that blocks signals to the device, or an app that blocks texting and sends auto-reply messages for you while you are driving.