Supervisors Decide On Plans To Sell Hudson St. Garage

The Buena Vista County Supervisors plan to open bids for the county’s Hudson Street property on August seventh.

The county is selling the Storm Lake maintenance garage, which is being replaced by a new facility on Richland Street. County engineer Bret Wilkinson says the Supervisors will be able to accept a bid, reject all bids, or invite bidders to negotiate a sale. Supervisor chair Dale Arends said the Hudson Street site is a unique property that hasn’t been sold in recent times. He says the question remains, who is willing to pay the most for the property.

Arends said they plan a public hearing on the sale of the property September fourth, before finalizing a sale. This week, the Supervisors approved the documents to put the property for sale and solicit bids, subject to review by the county attorney.

Wilkinson told the Supervisors the contractor is making progress on the new maintenance building. There have been weather delays, with the contractor struggling with water and mud, but work on the footings continues. Wilkinson said sections of steel building components have also been delivered to the site.