Hearing Set For 4-Way Stop Change

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing later this month on removing the stop signs for east and west traffic at the intersection of C-65 and the Lakeside blacktop.

Supervisor Paul Merten said he’s talked with several people living in the area, and they are in favor of the change. The intersection is currently a four-way stop. County engineer Bret Wilkinson said the stop signs would remain on the Lakeside blacktop for north and southbound traffic. He noted the sight distances are adequate for motorists to see east and westbound traffic.

Wilkinson said if the change is approved, signs indicating cross traffic does not stop would be added to the stop signs for north and southbound traffic. The supervisors also discussed having a lighted stop sign for southbound traffic. Wilkinson said that would be operated by solar power. He said a lighted stop sign isn’t needed for northbound traffic, due to a much lower traffic count.

The hearing on the change will be held at 8:45 during the Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, June 26th.