Two Sanborn Men And Boy Named 2018 Heroes Of The Heartland

Two men and a boy, all from Sanborn, are among those receiving special honors through the American Red Cross Heroes of The Heartland for 2018. 

Jeff Baatz along with Scott Ross and his son, Jaxson Ross, are being honored for their heroics in an incident that happened at the Archer Co-op. Officials say Baatz and a female intern were working under a truck when the woman’s hair got caught in some machinery. She lost a significant part of her scalp in the incident. Baatz pulled the woman out from under the truck and called for Scott Ross, who came with blankets. The two men applied pressure to her head and kept her calm until an ambulance arrived. 

In the weeks that followed, Scott Ross’ son, Jaxson, stayed in contact with the woman to keep her spirits up. He drew her pictures and organized a lemonade stand and bake sale that raised $700 to help her long recovery. 

Baatz and the Ross’ will be recognized, along with the other recipients of this year’s honor, at the Red Cross Heroes of The Heartland Breakfast March 28th. 

Heroes of The Heartland are nominated by their peers to be recognized for going above and beyond in their service to others.

(Story from KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake)