BV Supervisors To Appeal DNR Confinement Decision

The Buena Vista County Supervisors have decided to appeal a decision by the Department of Natural Resources to approve a confinement facility in Scott Township.

In January, the Supervisors held a public hearing on plans from Hatlen Finisher, who was proposing a confinement in section nine of Scott Township, southwest of Rembrandt. The master matrix for the proposed facility didn’t receive the necessary 440 points, and was below the minimum requirements for air, water, and community. Points were taken away due to the distance between the proposed site and the acreage owned by Jan Peterson. Currently there is no residence on the acreage, however plans are being made to construct a cabin.

County environmental health director Kim Johnson Tuesday morning said the DN reinstated the points taken away and approved the plan. She said the county can appeal the DNR’s decision to the state’s Environmental Protection Commission.

Supervisor Paul Merten said the county was right in taking away the points, and spoke in favor of appealing… although he noted Hatlen could redo their permit and pick up additional points elsewhere. Johnson said the county probably won’t win the appeal… but said they need to do it to show the county is concerned about how the rules for confinements are written and that the county would like those rules changed.