Hernandez Sentenced On Drug Charge

A Storm Lake man… arrested at the county jail on drug charges in January… has been sentenced.

Twenty-four year-old Jamie Hernandez of Storm Lake was already being held on other non-related charges. He was charged with third offense possession of meth, a class D felony…and possession of drug paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of second offense possession of meth, an aggravated misdemeanor. He was given a two-year suspended sentence, placed on probation for two years, and ordered to submit a DNA sample. Hernandez was ordered to pay 235-dollars in court costs and surcharges… a 625-dollar fine was suspended.

The charges stemmed from a traffic stop that occurred in Storm Lake last March. During the stop, Hernandez was arrested for driving with a suspended license. When officers towed his vehicle, they located three baggies of a substance that was later determined to be crystal meth. A search warrant was executed on the vehicle, and officers located a marijuana smoking device.