SL School Board To Reconsider Donor Recognition Wall

The Storm Lake School Board intends to revisit the decision not to have a donor wall at the high school.

Last May, the board voted down a donor recognition display… then last month, school foundation director Mike Porsch asked the board to reconsider. He said a donor wall is a good way for the foundation to raise funds, and indicated the foundation board has discussed a willingness to assist in funding the display.

This week, the board discussed what had been originally considered, recognizing minimum donations of one-thousand dollars with three categories of donations, athletics, fine arts, and foundation. Board member Emilia Marroquin said it may not be fair to not recognize smaller donations. Board member Dave Skibsted agreed, saying it’s the little donors that keep the school running. He also questioned donations to other projects, with the donor wall at the high school.

Board member Melea Raveling said it’s very important to a lot of people in the community to have recognition and would like the board to reconsider. Board member Erika Dierking noted the foundation has done a good job raising money for the district.

School board president Peter Steinfeld said he would like to work with the school foundation to get answers to the board’s questions… and a board subcommittee plans to meet with foundation representatives before taking any further action.