SL School Board Discusses Building Safety

Storm Lake school administrators discussed security at school buildings during Wednesday night’s school board meeting.

Superintendent Carl Turner noted the importance of reviewing security measures in light of the school shootings last week in Florida. High school principal Beau Ruleaux said all doors at the school are locked after classes begin, including the door from the Iowa Central building. He said someone inside could open a door to let anyone in at any time. He said there’s a safety meeting with staff every year and they have lock down drills every year. Ruleaux says they have talked about emergency situations at games and other activities, including assemblies in the auditorium. He notes they have a direct alarm to police installed in the high school office.

East School principal Kellie Anderson said there’s only one entrance open at East during certain hours… and they have necessary training and drills to make sure the kids feel safe.

Middle school principal Jay Slight said the building is locked down each morning at 8:10 and he feels the building is very safe. Slight says with the key fob system, all doors can be locked with one click on a computer. Assistant principal Jaymie Bral says they’re talking with assistant police chief Chris Cole about what would they do if there was an active shooter in the building.

Elementary assistant principal Michelle Huntress says the doors are locked for the majority of the day, and they have advanced notice of anyone approaching the front entrance by a security camera. They had concerns about safety on the playground and have installed a key fob system for the playground doors.

Turner says the district routinely discusses safety measures with the Storm Lake Police Department… and the school board has approved additional security cameras at the high school and additional door locks at the middle school.