Supervisors Review Master Matrix For Hog Expansion

The Buena Vista County Supervisors Tuesday morning approved a resolution recommending the construction of a hog confinement facility.

During a public hearing, the Supervisors reviewed the application from Luke Lenhart to expand an existing confinement facility in section 16 of Grant Township, which will add one building to two existing buildings, for a total of 48-hundred hogs.

County environment health director Kim Johnson said the application meets the points required by the DNR’s Master Matrix.

Dana Petersen, who lives northwest of the site, said there will be 12-thousand hogs within less than a half-mile of his residence, and urged the county to seek greater local control of confinement facilities. He said he doesn’t get any benefit from them…and would hate to see the whole county inundated with confinements. Petersen said he doesn’t see the facilities being neighbor-friendly, as the producers don’t live there.

Kris Kole spoke in favor of the application… saying he’s seen no ill effect from living a mile-and-a-half from the existing facility… and hog confinements are needed to bring children back to the county through livestock.

Supervisor Paul Merten said their comments will be forwarded to the DNR, who has final say on the application.