Pork Industry: $1.6 Billion In Sales In BV County In 2017

The biggest challenge for pork producers is telling the story of the sustainable pork industry in Iowa.

That’s according to Drew Mogler, producer outreach with the Iowa Pork Producers Association. Mogler explains how the industry is sustainable… “It’s a three-legged stool. It’s got to be economically viable, environmentally sustainable or environmentally friendly, and it’s got to have a good impact on the social welfare or community.”

Mogler says pork was responsible for 1.6-billion dollars in sales in Buena Vista County last year… and creates a lot of jobs… “Over 35-hundred jobs are attributed to the pork industry in this county. In the state of Iowa, it’s nearly 142-thousand. About 40-thousand of those are involved in day-to-day care of pigs, and another 40-thousand is attributed to packing and processing.”

Mogler says the total income of people involved in the pork industry in Buena Vista County was nearly 270-million dollars in 2017.

Mogler spoke at the Buena Vista County Pork Producers annual banquet Saturday night in Storm Lake.