DCI Warns Of Scam

The Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Investigation and Iowa State Patrol are warning of a scam targeting Iowans by misrepresenting the staff of the Department.

The Iowa State Patrol has received reports this week from citizens that scammers were posing to be employees of the Department.  The callers would claim that they were investigating a lawsuit and were Special Agents with the DCI. If you receive such a phone call, you are asked to contact local law enforcement.

The DCI says if you get a call from someone who claims they are collecting money on behalf of the Department of Public Safety hang up. They also note law enforcement doesn’t demand immediate payment via prepaid debit cards. Do not provide or confirm personal information or financial information to anyone who calls. You do not need to report the scam if you receive a call. However, if you lost money through the scam, report it to your local police department or sheriff’s office.