BVU Business, Science Student Awards

Nine Buena Vista University business students and nine science students have been selected for the Clifford A. Rae Academic Achievement Award for the 2017 calendar year.

The awards… which range up to five-thousand dollars… were created by two separate 750-thousand dollars endowments from the foundations established by Doctor Harold Walter Siebens and named after the long-time advisor and counsel to Siebens and the foundations.

The endowments support annual awards for up to three pre-qualified, academically high-performing BVU business and science students in each of the second, third and fourth years of school. The competitive program, which rewards business and science students who excel in their academic pursuits, is open to students who live in Iowa or adjacent states and who meet certain financial need guidelines.

BVU School of Science dean Ben Donath says the Clifford A. Rae Academic Achievement Award is designed for a very simple purpose: to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence by rewarding superior academic performance.

Recipients from the area include Josh Demers, a business major from Storm Lake… and Dong Wang, a chemistry major from Nemaha.