BV Supervisors Approve 2-Percent Pay Hike

The Buena Vista County Supervisors have approved two-percent pay raises for county employees.

The County Compensation Board had recommended three-percent pay hikes for elected county officials… but the Supervisors Thursday decided to cut that to a two-percent raise… and also approved two percent raises for other county employees.

The Supervisors were worried about inadequate ending fund balances, that would make it difficult for the county to pay bills during the first quarter of the fiscal year beginning July first before tax revenues come in.

The budget process was further complicated by plans to build a new secondary road mechanic garage, estimated to cost 2.9-million dollars. County engineer Bret Wilkinson has funds budgeted for the project in the current fiscal year and next fiscal year, which will need to be adjusted depending on when the funds are spent. The county plans to borrow about one-and-a-half million dollars for the project, which would paid off over the next several years.

The Supervisors also discussed purchasing the building on Geneseo Street, owned by county attorney Dave Patton, which houses Patton, the assistant county attorneys, and office staff. Supervisor Paul Merten said the county is paying 48-hundred dollars a month in rent for the building… and they could buy the building in a couple of years with what they’re paying for rent.