Schaller Mother & Son Charged Again With Growing Marijuana

A Schaller mother and son… recently sentenced for growing marijuana in their home… have been charged again.

Sac County Deputies Wednesday arrested 58-year-old Glenda Turnquist and 35-year-old Jeremy Cross on charges of possession of a controlled substance marijuana, a serious misdemeanor… and a class “D” felony controlled substance violation. The arrests followed a search of a home in the 500-block of Perth Street in Schaller, where deputies allegedly found a marijuana growing operation in the basement.

Both Turnquist and Cross were arrested last March after deputies found a similar marijuana growing operation in the same house.

Cross was sentenced last August to a five-year suspended sentence and placed on probation for three years after pleading guilty to possession with intent to deliver, a class “D” felony.

In December, Turnquist received a deferred judgment and was placed on probation for one year after submitting an alford plea on a charge of manufacturing a controlled substance.