Plans For New BV County Shop Approved

The Buena Vista County Supervisors have approved the plans for a new secondary road mechanic garage.

Tuesday morning, the board voted to move forward with taking bids on the project… which would be located at the existing secondary road facility on Richland Street. County engineer Bret Wilkinson and the designer from ISG Engineering met with the Supervisors to review the finalized plans… which call for an 80-by-122 foot shop with five service bays… a 60-by-180 foot, nine-bay equipment storage building… and office space. The structure would be a pre-engineered metal building.

ISG estimated the cost at 2.9-million dollars. There are several options, such as reducing the size of the equipment storage depending on the bids received. County crews are expected to do some of the preliminary dirt work, and some concrete work could be removed from the project. Some equipment would also need to be purchased, although about 90-percent of what’s in the current shop would be moved.

Bids are expected to be completed on March seventh, with the Supervisors awarding a bid on March 14th. Construction could begin by the end of March, with substantial completion by October 31st.

Wilkinson has 1.5-million dollars in his current budget for the building… and payments could be spread over seven to tens years without a public vote on a bond issue. The county has been approached about selling the Hudson Street property in connection with expansion at the Tyson pork plant, and funds from the sale could probably pay for new equipment at a new facility.