SLHS Student Charged With Threats Of Terrorism

A Storm Lake teen was charged after police Friday afternoon were dispatched to the Storm Lake High School to investigate a theft.

School administrators said concerned students had reported a 16-year-old student reportedly had created a list of people the student wanted to kill and the list was either shown or referenced to other students on Thursday by the 16-year-old boy. During the investigation, police located and seized the list from the suspect… which included names of fellow students, faculty, school administrators, and family members… and it referenced law enforcement. Police allege the suspect was planning to bring a knife to school and attempt to stab the targets to death.

Friday afternoon, the suspect’s home at 520 Terrance Street was searched by police, who seized items of evidence. Police then charged the 16-year-old boy with threats of terrorism, a class “D” felony. He was held at the Youth Detention Facility in Cherokee, pending an appearance in juvenile court.

Police credit the willingness of students to report the suspicious activity and the quick response of school administrators in averting what could have been a serious tragedy. Assistant Police Chief Chris Cole says they’ll never really know just what was going to happen in this incident but it’s clear the possibilities could have been terrible. He says it’s a good example of people coming forward and providing information that stopped a potential crisis. It reinforces that if you see something or hear something, you should say something.