Should We Pay Our Kids An Allowance?

Let’s take a minute to discuss the amount of money we pay our kids to do the things they should be doing anyway!

There was a study done recently that found out how much kids get paid on average to do chores around the house! Turns out we are willing to hand over $8 per week for tasks that I think every kid should be doing as a payment to parents for giving them life!

There are some chores that I am willing to pay my kids to complete. I’ll pay for mowing the lawn…sometimes. I’ll pay them to wash the car and I’ll pay for scooping the driveway! Below are some of the “extras” parents are paying for and the going rate

1. Washing the car is worth an average of $4 extra.
2. Taking care of the yard, $4.
3. Cleaning their room, $2.
4. Laundry, $2.
5. Vacuuming, $1.50.
6. Taking out the garbage, $1.
7. Washing the dishes, $1.

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