City Hopes For Accurate 2020 Census County

The city of Storm Lake is gearing up for the 2020 U.S. census.

City manager Keri Navratil says right now, the city is reviewing addresses and telling the Census Bureau what areas have been annexed into the city. She says in 2020, the census forms will be mailed out and there will also be an option to fill in the form on-line.

Navratil says the city is working on getting information to the public on the importance of filling out the census forms. Public safety director Mark Prosser says it’s estimated the current population is 30-percent higher than the last census number of ten-thousand-600. He says in 2011, the IRS accounted for 12-thousand people in Storm Lake.

Prosser says Iowa State University estimated the 1990 and 2000 census populations were 30 to 35-percent undercounted due to the city’s diverse population. He says that undercount is based on school enrollment, jobs, and housing.

City officials say it’s very important for the census numbers to be accurate, as federal funds are based on population. If the city’s population count goes up by 30-percent, the city would receive an additional 390-thousand in road use tax dollars.