New Grade Standards At SL Middle School

A new standards-based grading system is being developed at the Storm Lake Middle School.

Principal Jay Slight says it’s a better way to grade students and teachers have been in training for several years to make the change. Students receive a grade from zero to four on each standard, rather than traditional letter grades. Middle school science teacher Breanna Wieck says students are focused on learning the standard, while parents have a better understanding of what their child understands.

Sixth grade teacher Heath Stille says students work hard to learn the content.. with re-teaching if they don’t show proficiency. Students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency… and are allowed to repeat the assessment after they have done additional work.

The standards-based grading is optional for middle school teachers this year, but will be used by all next year. High school principal Beau Ruleaux says the method is being considered for the high school… and eventually they will be doing something very similar.