BV Supervisors Join Opioid Lawsuit

The Buena Vista County Supervisors have approved a resolution to join a lawsuit against opioid producers.

Attorney Krista Baisch says over 200 counties are pursuing action against opioid manufacturers. She claims there was a false marketing campaign to show the public opioids are safe… but there have been drastic increases in numbers of damages from the drug in Iowa. Supervisor Rhonda Ringgenberg said it’s definitely an issues, but she doesn’t know how big it is in Buena Vista County.

County attorney Dave Patton says the county doesn’t have any out-of-pocket costs in joining the lawsuit. He said there will be some additional work for the county… investigating to see if they have expenses due to opioid use and documenting the county’s claim for costs. He says the county can later drop out of the lawsuit if desired.

Supervisor Paul Merten said it sounds like the county’s risk in joining the lawsuit is minimal, noting at least 15 Iowa counties have already joined.