SL Council Increases Golf, Camping, Waterpark Fees

The Storm Lake City Council has approved fee increases for the campground, golf course, and King’s Pointe outdoor water park.

City finance manager Brian Oakleaf says they did a competitive study of rates charged at other campgrounds, and found Storm Lake’s rates are lagging behind others. The rate was increase one to two dollars per day. The city is also increasing the security deposit for the Chautauqua Park shelter house from 50 to 100-dollars.

The golf course rate increase was based on what surrounding communities are charging, with the new single season rate of 275-dollars still below nearby courses. The council added a golf family pass for 450-dollars The clubhouse rental rate was increase to 400-dollars in peak-season, and to 300-dollars in off-season.

The water park rate for a family season pass is going up 35-dollars to $275, with the single season pass up 25-dollars to $150.