New Fire Trucks Approved

The Storm Lake Fire Department will be getting two new fire trucks.

The city council Monday afternoon approved a pumper fire truck and a quick attack fire truck, at a cost of 661-thousand dollars. Public safety director Mark Prosser says the quick attack truck is used primarily for ditch and field fires, but can also be used in other types of incidents. It replaces a 1986 truck, and costs 174-thousand dollars.

The pumper truck costs 486-thousand and replaces a 1981 unit. Prosser says it’s a general purpose pumper truck with a six-person crew cab, designed for a variety of fire responses, including structure fires, field fires, and vehicle accidents. Both units will be manufactured by Toyne Fire Trucks of Breda, with delivery in about 11 months.

Prosser says the city typically keeps fire trucks for 30 years. The trucks are paid by a levy designed for fire trucks… and once one unit is paid off, the department plans for the next piece of apparatus.