Sassman Pleads Guilty To Child Endangerment, Domestic Abuse Assault

Dylan Sassman of Storm Lake plead guilty this week in Buena Vista County District Court to charges stemming from several incidents that occurred this summer.

The 25-year-old Sassman was arrested July 28th by Storm Lake Police and charged with third-degree sexual abuse, a class “C” felony… child endangerment, a class “D” felony… domestic abuse assault causing bodily injury and false imprisonment, both serious misdemeanors. Sassman has remained in the Buena Vista County Jail since his arrest.

The charges were filed after the victim, a 28-year-old woman, told police shortly after moving in with Sassman, she and her seven-year-old daughter became victims of Sassman’s control and manipulation. Sassman allegedly took control of her money, her personal social media accounts, email, and cell phone… and she was physically and sexually abused on multiple occasions.

Sassman plead guilty to the felony-level crime of child endangerment and the serious misdemeanor crime of domestic abuse assault causing bodily injury. Under the plea agreement, Sassman will be sentenced to prison for a term not to exceed five years, the exact length of which will be decided by the Iowa Board of Parole. He will also be ordered to pay fines, surcharges, court costs, and attorney fees.

Sassman will be sentenced on December 18th.