Iowa Tops Nation In High School Graduation Rate

Iowa once again leads the nation in the percentage of high school students who graduate.

Iowa Department of Education director Ryan Wise says 91.3 percent of students in the class of 2016 completed high school within four years in Iowa and a national report says that is the best in the country. The 2016 graduation rate in Iowa was up three-tenths of a percent from the year before and is up three percentage points during the last six years. The national graduation rate is about seven percent lower at 84.1 percent. New Jersey was the only other state to top 90 percent, at 90.1%.

Wise says the graduation rate is just one measure of success as the state has work to do to ensure all the graduates are prepared to succeed beyond high school.

Storm Lake’s five-year graduation rate for 2016 was 92.4 percent. Storm Lake’s students enrolled in the charter high school attend a fifth year of college classes, and don’t graduate until completing the fifth year. During the 2015-16 school year, Storm Lake had a drop out rate of 2.6 percent, below the state average of 2.8 percent.