Woodbury-Rolling Hills Discussion Continues

Woodbury County’s request to join the Rolling Hills Community Services Region mental health agency remains in limbo as discussions continue between Woodbury and the seven counties who are members of Rolling Hills.

Buena Vista County Supervisor Paul Merten Tuesday morning said there was a Rolling Hills board meeting last week, but no vote was taken on Woodbury County’s request. He said there are no concerns about services offered by Woodbury County… but the seven Rolling Hills counties have questions on funding, which they hope will be answered before their next board meeting later this month.

The Woodbury supervisors have been unhappy with the three-county Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disability Services Board… which the county has been a member of along with Plymouth and Sioux Counties since 2014. Last month, they passed a resolution to join the Rolling Hills Community Services Region, which consists of Buena Vista, Calhoun, Carroll, Cherokee, Crawford, and Sac Counties.

The state requires the regional groups to have at least three counties, and Woodbury switching groups would leave Sioux Rivers with only two counties. Merten says concerns were raised that those two counties would also want to join Rolling Hills. He said during last week’s meeting, Woodbury was encouraged to go back and work things out with the other two counties.

Merten noted some questions about Woodbury County’s finances may not be answered until the end of the current fiscal year next June 30th.