Theft and Forgery Arrest

Storm Lake police have arrested an Early woman after investigating a report of internal theft at the Storm Lake Bomgaars store.

Police were told an employee… 19-year-old Abigail Clark of Early… allegedly stole over seven-thousand dollars in cash by forging customer names and completing fraudulent returns for cash within the store and then keeping the money. Clark was taken into custody Tuesday… and charged with ongoing criminal conduct, a class “B” felony… second-degree theft, a class “D” felony… and five counts of forgery, a class “D” felony. She was jailed on a 25-thousand dollar bond.

During the investigation, police recovered from 804 Geneseo Street over 400-dollars in merchandise purchased with the stolen money. While at that location, police arrested 18-year-old Connor Voss of Storm Lake… who was charged with unrelated charges of fifth-degree theft and possession of drug paraphernalia, both simple misdemeanors. He was jailed on a 300-dollar bond.