Storm Lake Approved For Railroad Crossing Funds

The Iowa Transportation Commission has approved funding for improvements at 13 railroad crossings in the state… including three in Storm Lake.

Kris Klop in the DOT Office of Rail Transportation says the latest projects are for the 2019 fiscal year and total 853-thousand dollars. The money is allocated by the state and helps make the rough crossings new again.

Klop says the projects approved now will take a year-and-a-half to two years to get completed, as there is a lot of planning to get both sides to fix the crossing. He says as they pull out the old material at the crossing the roadway authority sets up the road closings and detours and is moving out the approaches. Klop says it is important to coordinate so everything is done at once and the roadway doesn’t have to be closed more than once.

Storm Lake is receiving 60-thousand dollars for the Cayuga Street crossing… 80-thousand for the Oneida Street crossing… and 128-thousand for the West Fifth Street crossing.

The state funding pays for 60 percent of the project, while the railroad and the highway authority each pay 20 percent.