BV Court House Security Policy

Buena Vista County officials are working on a courthouse security policy.

Sheriff Kory Elston and assistant county attorney Paul Allen met Tuesday with the Board of Supervisors to discuss the plan, which Elston says is in a rough draft form He says it includes natural disasters, tornado and fire drills, suspicious packages, bomb threats or an active shooter.

Elston and Allen had questions for the board about the weapons policy. A court order recently issued by a judge bans firearms in court-controlled spaces of court houses… but Allen says that’s not real specific. He says it would generally apply to the second floor of the Buena Vista County Court House, but questioned how it can be enforced.

Elston said signs could be placed at all entrances… but if a crime is going to be committed, a sign isn’t going to stop it. Supervisor Dale Arends said telling someone no one will defend themselves is creating a killing zone.

Supervisor Paul Merten suggested placing signs stating firearms are not allowed on the second floor and violators will be asked to leave. Elston said if the person refused to leave, they could be charged with trespassing.

Elston said the policy will be further reviewed and brought back to the Supervisors.