Dredge To Be Put Up For Sale

Since dredging has now ended on Storm Lake, the dredge will likely soon be put up for sale.

Storm Lake mayor Jon Kruse and Lake Improvement Commission chair Gary LaLone met this week with the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors to discuss the fate of the dredge. Kruse said the intent is to sell it. He noted the county owns the dredge, while the commission owns the rest of the equipment.

Supervisor Dale Arends asked if there would be any future use of the dredge, suggesting the county hold on to it if it could be used in the future. But Supervisor Don Altena said due to cuts in the DNR’s budget, they’re not going to be given money to continue operating the dredge. LaLone said if any dredging is done in the future, it would probably be more successful to hire someone to do the dredging.