Buena Vista County 4-H’ers Recognized for Excellence

The annual Buena Vista County 4-H Awards Program was held Sunday, November 5, 2017 at the Buena Vista County Extension Office in Storm Lake. Over 90 4-H members were recognized for their efforts from the past 4-H year.

Junior Project Award Winners: Amelia Stark, Graham Small, Madison Stull, Ryan Greenfield, Emily Arnts, Caden Meyer, Annaliese Bloom, Allison Ehlers, Ashley Hinkeldey, Shelby Lynch

Intermediate Project Award Winners: Clayton Ehlers, Nathan Stark

Senior Project Award Winners: Ashlee Sammons, Kendall Snyder

Master Swine Producer: Caden Meyer

County Youth Council:

Back: Kendall Snyder, Garrett Meyer, Cole Brake

Front: Abby Bean, Ashlee Sammons, Alyssa Feely, Desi Thayer, Greta Small, Abbie Watts, Michelle Anderson

Not pictured – Eva Kohl, Mia Kleespies, Advisor – Melissa Fahr


The Buena Vista 4-H County Youth Council served as Masters of Ceremony and hosts for the annual 4-H Awards Ceremony. In addition they were officially installed for the 2017-18 4-H Year. State 4-H Council Representative, Kendall Snyder, led the installation ceremony. The new County Youth Council will provide core youth leadership to the 4-H program throughout the year. The council consists of the following members: Michelle Anderson, Abby Bean, Cole Brake, Alyssa Feeley, Mia Kleespies, Eva Kohl, Garrett Meyer, Paige Roberts, Ashlee Sammons, Greta Small, Kendall Snyder, Desiree Thayer, Abbie Watts and Advisor Melissa Fahr.

Junior 4-H members could apply for Project Awards by submitting their record books and illustrating personal growth, citizenship and leadership in that project area. Those receiving Junior Project Awards were: Emily Arnts, representing BV Shooting Sports 4-H Club, and receiving awards in Food & Nutrition, Home Improvement, Horticulture, Photography, and Sheep projects. Fairfield Pioneers 4-H member, Annaliese Bloom was recognized with awards for Horticulture, Horse & Pony, Sewing, and Swine. Also from the Fairfield Pioneers 4-H Club, Allison Ehlers was recognized with project awards in the project areas of Dog, Communications, Food and Nutrition, Horticulture, Sewing, Swine, and Visual Arts. Representing the BV Equine Club, Ryan Greenfield received project awards in Horse & Pony, Mechanics, and Visual Arts. Ashley Hinkeldey of the Maple Valley Agriculturists received Sewing and Swine awards. Shelby Lynch, of BV Equine Club, received awards in Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Home Improvement, Horse & Pony, Horticulture, Photography, Poultry, Rabbit, Sewing, Visual Arts, and Woodworking. The Newell Boosting Achiever’s Caden Meyer received project awards for Beef, Poultry, Rabbit, Sewing, Swine, and Woodworking. A Poultry award was given to Graham Small of the Fairfield Pioneers. Amelia Stark received Rabbit and Sheep awards, and Madison Stull received Sheep and Visual Arts awards, both girls are members of the Providence Go-Getters 4-H Club.

Intermediate and Senior level 4-H members applied for Project Awards by providing up to five pages of support materials detailing personal growth, leadership, and citizenship in those project areas. Fairfield Pioneers member, Clayton Ehlers, received awards for the project areas of Science, Engineering and Technology, and Visual Arts. Also, an Intermediate Project Award in Rabbits was presented to Nathan Stark of the Providence Go-Getters 4-H Club.

Senior Project Awards were presented to Ashlee Sammons for Home Improvement and Kendall Snyder for Beef and Communications. Both Ashlee and Kendall are members of the Storm Lake 4-H Club, Providence Go-Getters.

Buena Vista County 4-H Endowment Committee distributed $1,070 in monetary awards to junior, intermediate, and senior level 4-H’ers for outstanding accomplishments in leadership, citizenship, personal growth and service to the 4-H program. Those receiving special awards were: Outstanding Junior Awards: Annaliese Bloom and Allison Ehlers (Fairfield Pioneers), Ryan Greenfield and Shelby Lynch (BV Equine). Junior Leadership & Citizenship Awards: Caden Meyer (Newell Boosting Achievers), Graham Small (Fairfield Pioneers), and Amelia Stark (Providence Go-Getters); Intermediate Citizenship Award: Ethan Arnts and Jacob Arnts (BV Shooting Sports); Intermediate Leadership Award: Clayton Ehlers (Fairfield Pioneers) and Garrett Meyer (Newell Boosting Achievers); Master Sheep Producer: Danielle Boettcher (Providence Go-Getters) and Master Swine Producer: Caden Meyer (Newell Boosting Achievers); Senior Citizenship Award: Alyssa Feeley (Fairfield Pioneers); Senior Leadership Award: Kendall Snyder (Providence Go-Getters); Rafa Worthan Memorial Award: Abby Bean (Fairfield Pioneers) and Garrett Meyer (Newell Boosting Achievers); I Dare You Award: Abby Bean and Greta Small (both of Fairfield Pioneers); Craig Sump Memorial Award: Matthew Arnts (BV Shooting Sports) and Greta Small (Fairfield Pioneers); and Kathy Fahr 4-H Community Spirit Award: Kendall Snyder (Providence Go-Getters).

The 4-H awards process is designed as a learning experience preparing youth for life” states Laura Sievers, ISU Extension Council Chair. 4-Hers complete project reports ranging from an application, resume, and narrative statement to supportive financial records. 4-H is a youth development organization open to all youth grades K-12. 4-H members gain life skills in leadership, effective communication and community engagement. For more information about 4-H programs, contact the Buena Vista County Extension and Outreach office at 712-732-5056.