Buena Vista County 4-H Volunteers Recognized

Over 25 adult 4-H Volunteer Leaders were recognized for dedicated service to the 4-H program in Buena Vista County at the annual Buena Vista County 4-H Awards Program held Sunday, November 5, 2017.

Salli Nichols (left) receives Volunteer of the Year Award from Brea Baumhover(right), Summer Assistant

Fareway is recognized as Business of the Year. Fareway Manager Bryan Baumhover(left) is pictured with Buena Vista County 4-H Staff members Brea Baumhover and Nichol Kleespies

The Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame recognizes volunteers who have made significant contributions to the 4-H program. Buena Vista County’s nominee is Leann Baumhover (left), club leader of Providence Go-getters, receives her recognition from Buena Vista County Staff members Brea Baumhover and Nichol Kleespies.

Honored as the Buena Vista County 4-H Adult Volunteer of the Year was Salli Nichols. Salli is a member of the Buena Vista County Extension Council serving on the Personnel and Endowment committees. In addition she has been a valuable resource to the BV Equine Team and the Clover Kids program. “During staff transition, Salli has also been a vital resource in the office, on the fairgrounds and to our community,” shared 4-H Youth Educator Nichol Kleespies.

The 2017 Business of the Year was awarded to Fareway. Fareway provides a variety of support to the 4-H program throughout the year including cash donations for the Buena Vista County Fair, product donations for the 4-H Waffle Breakfast, and materials for bucket of junk and other youth and adult workshops. However, Fareway’s greatest gift may come from Manager Bryann Baumhover and his endless promotion of the 4-H program. Thank you to Fareway for their generous support of the 4-H program in Buena Vista County!

Iowa 4-H Foundation Hall of Fame Nomination recognizes volunteers and staff who have given so much of their time and talents to the Iowa 4-H program. This year Leann Baumhover was the 2017-18 Hall of Fame Honoree. Leann began her 4-H career with the Williams Hustling Homemakers in Hamilton County, where her mother was the leader. She served as the Summer Aid in the Wright County Extension Office for 2 years during college. In BV County, she has been a member of the Extension Council, led a variety of workshops, is an active 4-H Club leader, a member of the Youth Development Committee and a mentor to many 4-Hers. Beyond the county, she has judged countless open class shows as well as a served as a judge for 4-H static exhibits at multiple counties covering several content areas. At the Iowa State Fair, she has judged child development and the Awardrobe event. Leann’s nomination was submitted by 4-H member, Kendall Snyder. His comments about Leann follow, “She has made my experience in the 4-H program a great one and she continues to surprise me with her dedication. It is leaders like her that make Iowa 4-H one of the best 4-H Programs in the Country. I look forward to my final two years of 4-H and I can’t wait to see what else I will become due to her amazing influence.”

Buena Vista County 4-H has a legacy of volunteer leadership providing 4-H families with support and guidance. Key club leaders were recognized for guiding 4-H families, sharing their skills with club workshops, supporting club trips and 4-H fair week assistance. Their unwavering dedication to the belief that 4-H makes a lifelong impact for youth and their families is a true gift to local communities. 4-H Clubs in Buena Vista County and their adult leaders include:

BV Equine Team (Special Interest – BV County) Nate Greenfield

Sara Greenfield

Retiring Leader: Michele Lynch

BV Shooting Sports (Special Interest – BV County) Preston Jacobs

Shawn Jesse

Cory Watts

Fairfield Pioneers (Community Club – Albert City) Chris Bean

Michelle Ehlers

Melissa Fahr

Karen Feeley

Maple Valley Agriculturists (Community Club – Alta) Kristen Watts

Marc Hinners

Maple Valley Motivators (Community Club – Alta)

Retiring Leader: Dawn Hill

Retiring Leader: Lorie Stanton

Newell Boosting Achievers (Community Club-Newell) Angie Emerick

Connie Jesse

Leigh Meyer

Sarah Thompson

Providence Go-Getters (Community Club-Storm Lake) Leann Baumhover

Steve Peters

Tom Snyder

Amie Stark

Renee Stull

Robotics Club (Special Interest – BV County) Nichol Kleespies

Youth Leader: Glenn Small

The Buena Vista County Awards Program is held annually to celebrate the concluding 4-H year and to look forward to the new 4-H year. For more information about 4-H programs or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact the Buena Vista County Extension and Outreach office at 712-732-5056.