BV County Hires Two For Road Crew; Ready For Winter

The Buena Vista County Secondary Roads department has two new employees.

County engineer Bret Wilkinson says one new equipment operator began work on November first, the other will begin next Monday. One operator recently resigned… and Wilkinson said he expects at least a couple of motorgrader operators to retire in less than a year. He said it won’t be a waste to have an additional employee going into winter, as they will need to gain experience with motorgraders.

Last month, the Board of Supervisors approved hiring two new employees. Supervisor chair Tom Huseman said Wilkinson’s request was reasonable… and noted they had two good people ready to go to work for the county.

Wilkinson said the county road crew continues blading gravel roads, mowing, and brush cutting. He noted enough sand and salt has been hauled to county shed for the winter season and snow equipment has been mounted on trucks so they are ready for the first snow fall.