North Racoon Watershed Coordinator Begins Work

The coordinator for the North Raccoon River Watershed Management Authority is now on the job.

Marius Agwa began his new duties November first. Buena Vista County Supervisor Dale Arends says the DNR wants Agwa to start on a watershed plan… then find locations to build water control structures.

There are 86 government entities in the watershed, and funding is being provided for a coordinator, the development of a watershed plan, and funding for projects in the watershed to reduce flooding and clean the water.

Agwa Tuesday morning told the Board of Supervisors much of the focus will be on Buena Vista County, since it’s at the top of the watershed… which then continues into Calhoun, Green, and Dallas Counties. County engineer Bret Wilkinson said there’s also a mandate to spend some money in Pocahontas County.

Agwa will be based in Storm Lake, with an office in the county’s Cayuga Street annex. Arends noted Agwa will be a Buena Vista County employee, with all expenses of his office reimbursed by the grant.