Supervisors Discuss Cemetery Policy

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors is considering a policy covering small, private cemeteries in the county.

Zoning director Kim Johnson says currently, 25 acres is required for a cemetery… but that large an area isn’t needed. She says the Supervisors need to decide how big an area would be needed, noting there needs to be access to the cemetery. She says the county doesn’t have any responsibility for such cemeteries now, but if it’s abandoned, the county would have to take care of it.

Supervisor Dale Arends notes there is a pioneer cemetery near Newell, where there is no activity and no connected church, which the county mows. He says there may be others around the county they don’t know about, noting Clay County has two or three pioneer cemeteries, which the county maintains.

Arends says the county is now looking at one planned burial site. Johnson gave the Supervisors a copy of a Clay County policy on burial sites, which the Supervisors may want to modify and adopt.